Directions from Atlanta, GA to Mentone, AL


Driving Directions Approximate Distance
1. Start on I-75 heading North  
2. Take the GA-20 exit- exit number 290- toward ROME/CANTON. 0.29 Miles
3. Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the ramp toward ROME. 0.05 Miles
4. Turn LEFT onto GA-20 W. 2.36 Miles
5. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. 0.15 Miles
6. Merge onto US-41 N/US-411 S/GA-3 N. 2.80 Miles
7. Merge onto US-411 S/GA-20 W toward ROME. 16.67 Miles
8. Turn RIGHT onto GA-746 N/GA-1 LOOP E/VETERANS MEMORIAL HWY. Continue to follow GA-1 LOOP E/VETERANS MEMORIAL HWY NE. 8.02 Miles
9. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-27/MARTHA BERRY HWY/GA-1. Continue to follow US-27 N/GA-1 N. 21.35 Miles
10. Turn LEFT onto S COMMERCE ST/GA-48. Continue to follow GA-48. 12.59 Miles
11. GA-48 becomes AL-117. 6.10 Miles



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